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Technical Dispatcher

Amsterdam | Operations | 29-07-2019

We're building up our Central Control room in Amsterdam and are recruiting for Technical Dispatchers. You will be responsible for control of the flow process of natural gas and transportation process in accordance with the set requirements. A good candidate would have a solid engineering experience ...

Technical Specialist Receiving Terminal

Kiyiköy | 29-07-2019

We are recruiting for a Technical Specialist who will proactively monitor and analyse the technical situation of the Receiving Terminal, resolving issues and initiating appropriate corrective action as required. You will be in charge of developing plans and schedules for diagnostics, maintenance and...

Senior Maintenance (CMMS) Specialist

Amsterdam | Operations | 29-07-2019

We are recruiting for a Senior Maintenance (CMMS) Specialist to join our team in Amsterdam office to provide maintenance, CMMS expertise and leadership for the Company. You will be responsible to develop and utilize the CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) functionality in order to opti...

Translator/Interpreter Turkish-English-Russian

Istanbul | Translation/Interpreting | 29-07-2019

We are looking to recruit a Translator/Interpreter (Turkish-English-Russian) for our Turkish branch. You will provide Turkish-English and Turkish-Russian (and vice versa) written translation and verbal interpreting of all types of documents and topics required by the Company, including, but not limi...

Mechanical Engineer (Operations Team)

Amsterdam | Operations | 29-07-2019

We are building up our Operations Department and are looking to recruit Mechanical Engineer. This is a critical function within the Operations Department delivering on safely and reliable functioning of all Mechanical Equipment (pipelines, valves, PIG traps, separators, waterbath heaters, HIPPS, gas...

Team Assistant Receiving Terminal

Kıyıköy | Administrative Support | 20-06-2019

We are looking for an energetic and multitasking Team Assistant to join our team in Receiving Terminal in Kıyıköy. In this role, you will support the Receiving terminal team in all administrative matters, including travel arrangements and reporting to management.